Winter health options


I can’t tell you enough or show you enough studies that will really be better than saying try them and see for yourself.  This amazing superfood is part of our needs as a human being here on Earth.  These blue and green algaes were in the water we drank before we started purifying it and getting away from what the earth gives us organically to help support health and longevity for our lives.  So if you want to help your immune system and not be bogged down by sickness and toxins just give Energybits and Recoverybits a try  to help your body get the sustainable energy it needs and to help it recover and heal itself while you sleep as well…  Colds/health link to read up on how it helps you combat the dregs of winter…





  1. jruff81 · November 27, 2013

    Thanks for the shout-out. And I agree wholeheartedly – getting in your greens (and blues) is so essential!

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