Crossfit to me


I have learned alot about crossfit over the past year and a lot more about myself and what I am capable of.  At Reebok Crossfit Back Bay I learned to do the movements and a little about myself, when I reintroduced myself at Crossfit Southie I became a Crossfitter and what I mean by that is I started to train not just wod daily at least 5 days a week and learned more about myself and the strength that lies inside me by trying the really tough things and eating… I went from 190lb running crossfitter to a 195lb crossfitting runner where I could squat 300 snatch 185 and overhead squat 185. Then I tried the bar muscleup and it is a violent movement that takes trust,much trust in yourself to even try and I can do that regularly now. Then I tried the hardest thing that doesn’t include a barbell and that is ring muscleups and the first one I landed really confused me like what do I do now? I did 5 ring muscleups that day not in a row or succession but still I did 5! I say crossfit is what you allow it to be through time,dedication and understanding that it is hard and worth it! Its all about effort,education and facing your fears!



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