The Irish Govenment turns to Algae research to battle Depression

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Ok today is a good day, any day is a good day when things are being done to help overcome Mental Illness which so many of us deal with everyday.  Please read how the Irish Government is using Algae to battle Mental Illness

Yes I live with or have lived with Manic Depression for a long time since I just turned 40 this past August 9th.  I battle everyday for it not to consume me or my ability to live a somewhat product life.  It runs in my family, led by my famous outfielding grandfather Jimmy Piersall great Boston Red Sox outfielder in the early to mid 50’s.  he was one of the first public cases of Mental Illness in sports.  There is a movie about his battle with Bipolar called Fear Strikes Out it stars Anthony Perkins as my grandpa you should check it out…

I have this deep feeling and need to bring awareness to the world around me that even though we are really tough to love that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve it!  It just means the harder you love us the more we fight it..  My biggest piece of advice I can give anyone who has someone close to them who deals with this is to just be supportive in any ways you can. Allow your loved one to adapt to the kindness you choose to give them with time and acceptance.

The hardest part about mental Illness is the beating we give ourselves inside for not feeling good enough or living up to the expectations of others or ourselves.  It takes many years to create the imbalance so it is going to take just as long to overcome it.

The last thing I will say here is to love the person not their actions good or bad.  They need to feel that your love for them far outlasts what they are doing and is more about who they are to you no matter what happens.  Hobbies help too if they can get outside their mind for a minute and create, anything is possible! I create here at

I am teaming with to help build the brand and help the world see that good green energy can help athletes and mankind alike to overcome the battles within to just keep going, keep grinding to the finish with a smile.

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