Wednesdays with NP

free fitness for all

hundreds of November Project tribes people run Harvard Stadium to stay fit year round

This picture that stands atop the page here is of my friends and fellow tribemates of the November Project Boston, we have expanded throughout the country and into Canada, there are 16 cities and quite a few more tribes pledging for their induction in 2015.

On Wednesdays we run Harvard stadium in Lower Allston, the nice thing about Wednesdays is that there are 2 groups of Badass stair climbers one at 5:30 for the extremely Badass as they get out there way before the sun is set to shine and do all their allotted sections either in the dark or with a headlamp or perhaps holding the flashlight app on their phone handy. So as they finish the 6:30 group is mingling at the bottom of section 37 eagerly waiting for their opportunity to eat stairs for breakfast and as that is happening at the top of section 37 the 5:30 group is celebrating their Badassery and the birthday peeps of the day.  Then it’s the group photo taken now by Evan totally Badass racer Dana, it’s always interesting to see the groups photo and what may be in store for the 6:30 group after we expend all the energy we can to build better lives and better moments ahead as the minutes fly by.

As 6:30 creeps up on us ever so quickly we can hear Emily Saul the extremely enthusiastic and vocal leader reel us in and get us focused on the moments ahead.  She gets us started by asking us to get a little bounce to wake up our bodies and get our juices flowing, “now a little higher” she says and sometimes she will have us loosen our vocal cords by mimicking hers and it can get downright loopy, we start with a nice greeting of “GOOD MORNING” and then we get really loud as she asks “ARE YOU GOOD?” The correct response in let’s wake up Cambridge and all it’s college going folk fashion, we respond with “FUCK YA!!!” The echo can be heard along the Charles River right into Fenway!

“FUCK YA” we are good and we make sure to get plenty of hugs and eye contact in as well just before the newbies (first time participants) go down below the stadium to learn what is in store for them and so that the Veterans can start beating up the stadium feet first with enthusiast vigor!  The next voice you hear,usually through a megaphone these days(thanks Brogan) is of Tribe leader #3 Deniz who gets us ready to race. Which means first 10 tribefolk toe the first step and off they go to battle the day head on with the biggest smiles you have ever seen and the best part is they will share them with so many nooks and crannies of Boston…

I could spill more of the beans but you should really just show up and find out!

Alan Scherer Photographer 500px link

Our Tribe

Our Tribe


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