I ran…

I ran today, I put on my running tights, as well as a  couple good layers to protect me from Winter, as it truly has to be.

I ran with my watch and it’s GPS just to keep track of what I had done.  I ran, over hills of snow and through the puddles on the path.  Still I ran to get me through a few silent moments with just the road ahead.

I ran to filter emotions and talk myself through what winter has done.  I ran to get away from the world for a minute and to get back to myself, the me that I need to be daily.

I ran to burn some calories and sweat a bit for sweating helps cleanse the body like the rain helps cleanse the Earth, as it truly needs to be.

I ran, opening up to myself and to help show you that if you try you can open up to yourself too.  I ran to be with my spirit, to experience the day with the wind in my face and the sweat on my brow as if to say thank you to God for helping me be here today.

I ran, openly,honestly and fearlessly for all to see!

Doing the Stadium stairs at Harvard

Doing the Stadium stairs at Harvard



  1. janetgardner · February 12, 2015

    Great post, thanks.

  2. crossfitrunner73 · February 16, 2015

    Reblogged this on crossfitrunner73 and commented:

    Your warm house and your coffee will still be there after you put in the miles…

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