More than just running

1st birthday

1st birthday

I am stepping out into the light, letting the darkness slip farther away from my own mortality.

I am learning why it is important to allow my dreams to be come part of my reality, it seems so effortless to me.

I am breathing life into my empty spaces by accepting the things I could never be to others and finally allowing myself  space, just to be.

I have pulled apart the engine and pieced it back together and separated the pages that always just seemed to be stuck together.

I have blown away all the dust and cobwebs that lie in the darkened corners of the places I was just to scared to go.

I have no suit of armor or S upon my chest, all that I possess in this life comes from the battles I have waged, hoping to bring out the goodness that lies within the truth for all of us to see .

I may only be stirring up the echos, but at least those echos find their way back to me, back to the place inside where the words can rest, until again they need to be!


My Nana's 80th birthday party

My Nana’s 80th birthday party


One comment

  1. lilypup · February 16, 2015

    Good for you. I enjoyed the verse.

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