Why race…

I am not a big fan of racing, I would rather pick a place and a huge distance to overcome instead.

So I get a bit frustrated when people need to pick these huge marathons like Boston and NYC to run which cost them so much mental energy and asking others to donate money for them to just be able to run it. Marathon season perplexes me, for running is greater than any race,space,money or time restriction!

It can be tough to try and run a big marathon when you can run a lesser one and get the same results. If racing is what you need to just be ok with putting one foot in front of the other, then do it because you are in love with the road and the peeling back the layers of your soul. Not because you can set a PR or qualify for something else… A run should be the absence for the need for speed and more for the space it leads you to that other things never could…

Have we, as a community of runners, lost our way? Do we worry more about racing and times of our runs instead of what running helps us get to and through? Running is a way to burn off stress and calories while building self respect and self discipline

What irks me about life is to need a reason to do anything other than growth… A strong desire to help things become better through self inflection not outward desires!

The only limitations we have are those people put on themselves. We can all do better and we can all do more for ourselves by setting less limits and adding more possibilities through taking that first step.

A race ends but a run can continue on forever, one day at a time!


Running the stadium at Harvard

Running the stadium at Harvard



  1. golddh · March 4, 2015

    I kind of come out in the middle here. You are right that running is running and you can find your personal challenge or growth anywhere. Sometimes though it’s just fun to run with a big group of people with lots of onlookers cheering you. Fun can be good too!

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