Change is needed.

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A walker on the bridge A walker on the bridge

Life is ever changing,it will never be the same.

So much is different, yet still the same this day.

It seems that everyone has gone and lost their way.

Deep Into the madness and decay of mediocrity,

that is running ramp-id from day to day.

Walking aimlessly into the endless, murky, clouded shades of Grey.

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Knock down the wall.Boston.

I am running the Boston route 4 times in 2 days a Saturday and Sunday this coming May, the 9th and 10th. 52.4 miles a day it is the 3rd year I will conquer a very difficult route.

May of 2013 I conquered 30 miles of Summit Ave hill in Brookline for kids with mental Illness. It took 7 hours, 37.5 hills

Last May was 300 sections of Harvard Stadium the time it took was a running time of 6 hours 24 minutes.

I grew up in a very dysfunctional, mentally ill household as the oldest grandson of MLB Outfielder Jimmy Piersall. I suffered from Mental Illness and have overcome it with fitness such as Running, Crossfit and the November Project plus my camera. Oh ya no medication just will power and FAITH.

The story of me is intense and epic, but worth being a part of on those 2 days from Boston to Hopkington and back. Stay tuned.

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Oh yeah! In January of 2010 I was 265 and ready to either kill myself or change myself, what road do you think I chose?


Crossfit, running type body, huge HEART.

Crossfit, running type body, huge HEART.

Why race…

I am not a big fan of racing, I would rather pick a place and a huge distance to overcome instead.

So I get a bit frustrated when people need to pick these huge marathons like Boston and NYC to run which cost them so much mental energy and asking others to donate money for them to just be able to run it. Marathon season perplexes me, for running is greater than any race,space,money or time restriction!

It can be tough to try and run a big marathon when you can run a lesser one and get the same results. If racing is what you need to just be ok with putting one foot in front of the other, then do it because you are in love with the road and the peeling back the layers of your soul. Not because you can set a PR or qualify for something else… A run should be the absence for the need for speed and more for the space it leads you to that other things never could…

Have we, as a community of runners, lost our way? Do we worry more about racing and times of our runs instead of what running helps us get to and through? Running is a way to burn off stress and calories while building self respect and self discipline

What irks me about life is to need a reason to do anything other than growth… A strong desire to help things become better through self inflection not outward desires!

The only limitations we have are those people put on themselves. We can all do better and we can all do more for ourselves by setting less limits and adding more possibilities through taking that first step.

A race ends but a run can continue on forever, one day at a time!


Running the stadium at Harvard

Running the stadium at Harvard

Come home

Harwich, MA

Harwich, MA

Carry me home.

To that place we used to share.

That place we used to care.

That place I never worried or wondered whether you’d be there.

We had the sarcasm, we had laughter, joy was all around us.

We enjoyed the music and movies together, no matter the weather.

Most of all, we had each other to lean on, we could always count on that.

Let’s go back to that place.

Not into the past, but how about today?

YOU and ME…



How I felt this morning and needed to share it with you all.

My creative side

bearded shooter Alan Scherer Photographer

I fail a lot, I fail to remember what is important and what needs to be done. I fail to live up to the abilities GOD gave me and asked me to share. I have failed to rejoice in every breath and every sunrise I get to be part of. But there is one thing I never fail at and that is being here openly,honestly and fearlessly! Photography,enthusiasm and a good pair of running shoes is all I have but it is worth so much!

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Alan and Elizabeth,Truths…

Elizabeth and I prepared to run the winter

Elizabeth and I prepared to run the winter

I don’t know all the time,

sometimes I just get lost, get lost in the way I feel

for I feel everything real.

Useless, useful, inspiring,inspired a failure here,

guided,misguided most answers unclear.

Everything still seems foggy behind my eyes but yet I walk on by.

Motivated and motivating,

old,youthful yet childish still, I am everywhere and nowhere at all In what just seems a moment,filled.

Powerful and powerless, an inability to be false.

Wanting, needing, yearning for one other to admit to it.

Admit that their fears and failures ignite them to live so deeply,

so deeply in the moment that they forget everything else, if but for jus an instant.

In that instant I hope you find the way, find the way back to you.

Back home again, to that place in you,

the place that’s true!


I just spent what felt like a nanosecond with you, but my watch tells
me it was 3 hours.
I am consumed with wanting to know more. Wanting to know you.
Who are you? Why do you feel like me? Little things you say feel like me.
It is like home stood in front of me just now, except this time it
hugged back as tightly as do.
Neither of us flinched when we said the hard things – the moments that
were at once so painful, but now are simply memories we have learned
to live with – that have made us stronger because we got through.
You stood so still.
You tugged at your beard a few times – I wonder what that little
action means? Were you fidgeting? Thinking? Nervous? Or was it just
something you reflexively do without a reason – like how I tuck my
hair behind my ears sometimes.
I listened as hard as I always do, when I am keenly aware someone is
letting me in to a slice of their life. It always feels like such a
gift. With you, though, there was something more.
You let me just listen.
So many people think I am so loud and outgoing they don’t let me just
listen. Did you know I just wanted to listen to you? Not just listen.
That’s wrong. Really hear you.
Hear not only the words and memories and piece together little bits of
who you are, but how your voice modulates, too. The tone. The
patterns. The way your voice gets deeper when you relax a bit.
And you gave me the time to notice that. And how you didn’t once ask
to sit down, and we stood as if no other people were around – though I
am sure they were.
I don’t know how, but I want to give you the same gift you just gave
me. For the first time in a very long time I felt like I took a deep
A true, honest, deep breath.
Let me be your inhale.



More than just running

1st birthday

1st birthday

I am stepping out into the light, letting the darkness slip farther away from my own mortality.

I am learning why it is important to allow my dreams to be come part of my reality, it seems so effortless to me.

I am breathing life into my empty spaces by accepting the things I could never be to others and finally allowing myself  space, just to be.

I have pulled apart the engine and pieced it back together and separated the pages that always just seemed to be stuck together.

I have blown away all the dust and cobwebs that lie in the darkened corners of the places I was just to scared to go.

I have no suit of armor or S upon my chest, all that I possess in this life comes from the battles I have waged, hoping to bring out the goodness that lies within the truth for all of us to see .

I may only be stirring up the echos, but at least those echos find their way back to me, back to the place inside where the words can rest, until again they need to be!


My Nana's 80th birthday party

My Nana’s 80th birthday party