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Love is right where you least expect it to be, right in front of you...

Love is right where you least expect it to be, right in front of you…

We all bare the load of mental turmoil, from anxiety to depression from add to adhd not because we want to but because it was forced upon us by the environment we were forced to grow up in and the things in those situations we could never do right or expectations we could never live up to form these constant struggles. I always felt like I must have been a really bad kid to be treated the way I was by those around me. Alan stop it, shut up quit doing that, Alan take it easy. I think the thing I needed the most was for someone to say go get it, conquer it, give it all you got, you can do it! A mentor or a guide that could fill me full of what I tried and try to fill others with daily… A little appreciation for being here even when giving up could be an option! And I know there are many more people out there that feel the same way like they were a burden to the people who they love the most and soon that changes into becoming a burden to yourself! I want you to know success and recovery isn’t being what others think you should be it’s listening to your heart and allowing yourself to follow it even when it seems to tough to try. Don’t let this world conquer you because you mean so much to it for it to really understand just how amazing you truly are! And no matter what, this world would be a far less beautiful place if you weren’t in it! I love you and I am learning to love me too! Keep your chin up and your eyes on the horizon and never fear what is possible in the moment when you choose to try.


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